Quoted: Songwriter Robbie Gil

I’ve known Robbie Gil for almost twenty years. We old.

But that’s not the point.

Robbie’s the most profound songwriter I’ve ever known. His voice is honest and lush. He’s smart and soulful. And he gives one hella a performance: See him on stage and whole worlds of heartache and triumph rise before you.

I interviewed Robbie for a client a bit ago, and asked him what his experience from the stage felt like. Below, he describes the intangible energy he shares with his audience.


Robbie Gil Talks Live Performance

“It’s church. It’s the best kind of church, when everyone’s on the same page. It’s tough to articulate….

“It’s a transcendent experience. When I’m not thinking about it, when I’m not in my head…. I squeaked that note, I missed that chord, the audience isn’t in it as much as I want them to be… If I’m thinking about it, then I’m done. If I’m not thinking about it, then it’s an incredible experience to share with people. And to experience the moment  again — to being back on the porch with the trees swaying during Big Picture.

“When it’s good I’m not thinking — everything is feeling. That means the band is feeling, too; they’re not bogged down in the technical. That’s what makes for good theatre, and good music. When I catch myself thinking in the moment, I have to swipe that shit to the side, and fast. Or if I’m not delivering my promise to the audience, which is to give them  all of me in that moment. When people aren’t conscious of the work part, when they’re solely existing in that moment, magic happens. When it’s good, it’s great.

Robbie’s got a new album coming out — Happy? — he promises will be “the best album I ever make.” I dropped my dollars for it long ago. Preorder on iTunes now!

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