Quoted: Chef Angela Garbacz

Angela Garbacz_Headshot 15_Photo Credit Wyn Wiley

“I think it’s great to be a part of our community. It’s great to be an inclusive bakery. But what’s been most powerful – and I hope will kind of be part of our legacy at Goldenrod – is to be a part of the change in the food industry. How my staff is treated, how our customers are treated, and how I handle my own self-care and mental health – and project that to others – is so important. And to be a woman in this industry is a really, really challenging thing, especially on the way up. I think to kind of put our footprint and our sort of mark on this industry, and say, “Hey, it’s okay to treat people with respect. You can have a really successful business where people are treated with respect.”  I didn’t expect to have this be something so powerful for me when I got started. But it’s something I really feel passionate about. I hope that we are able to leave our mark on it.”

Angela Garbacz, chef and owner of Goldenrod Pastries in Lincoln, Nebraska — one of Plate Magazine’s Chefs to Watch of 2018. Read my full story for Plate here.

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