Throwing Flour

Hi. I’m Jacqueline.

I find people fascinating and believe everyone has a story to share.

As an interviewer and writer, I explore fields crossing food, lifestyle, illness, wellness, travel, entrepreneurship, and the arts. As the producer and co-host of Love Bites Radio, I discuss how humans can better love one another and themselves.  And as a co-founder of the campaign #MarchingWithMe, I help connect advocates with disability/chronic illness and protest events nationwide.

My food writing is regularly featured in Saveur, Tasting Table, Food & Wine, Extra Crispy, and Plate Magazine, amongst others. I tell the stories of the people behind food, and how the table brings us together and sometimes pushes us apart.

Essays and articles on living as a human being with chronic illness (and therefore no children, lots of pain, and invisible limitations) stemming from Lyme disease have been published with Cosmopolitan, Bust magazine, Elle, The Lonely Hour, The Reset, Medium, and more. With twenty-five years of gluten-free, allergy-eating behind me, I used to build recipes, private chef, and run a gluten-free baking blog — work that culminated in a video series for E:How Foods, a recipe in Johnny Iuzzini’s Sugar Rush, and placement in major food publications.

My first book – The Me, Without: A Year Exploring Habit, Healing, and Happiness – comes out in January. It’s about this really hard “self-self-help” project I did to stare down the realities of my habits against the choices I could actively make. In the book, interviews with kind professionals help to explain what my inner life so dramatically changed as it did from the experiment. I’d love for you to check it out.

On this site, you’ll find extra glimpses of my work for clients: conversations that stuck with me, interview clips that didn’t make it into a piece, or a personal take on a conversation. Click home to start exploring, or head to my portfolio, below.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jacqueline xo










Headshots by Chris Sandas

Most chef and plate shots taken and copyrighted by Brent Herrig of NYC Food Photography

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