Hi. I’m Jacqueline.

I listen, and I write.

Most days, I write about people who make food for SaveurTasting TableThe Village VoiceSerious EatsTown & Country, Plate magazine, Easy Eats magazine, Imagista, and the like. I also help chefs develop their cookbooks, photograph their menus, and ghost-write their websites.

I have chronic health issues stemming from childhood Lyme disease, and so some days I write about that world for Medium, Bust,  CosmopolitanElleBlogHer, and Dr. Oz

I produce and co-host Love Bites Radio on Heritage Radio Network, where we explore “why and how we love” with a beautiful variety of guests across industries and expertise.

I’m exploring habit removal in technology, food, and thought during My Year of Abstinence.

I founded #MarchingWithMe, a campaign launched with Suffering the Silence to connect those with chronic illness and disability with boots-on-the-ground advocates resisting the current administration.

And I’m the editor of the online magazine, Wonderment and Co, a storytelling site that just launched in February 2017.

I find people fascinating and think everyone has a story to share.

On this site, you’ll find extra glimpses of my work, like conversations that stuck with me but didn’t fully make it into a piece, or a more personal take on something I’ve written about professionally. For more, click on those links above to be taken to my profile pages or head to my portfolio, below, which has links to pretty much all the work I’ve done in the past six-or-so years.











Interview photos on this page and many on this site

taken and copyrighted by Brent Herrig of NYC Food Photography

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