In the Kitchen with Chef Jason Dady at City Grit

In the kitchen of what used to be an old school house in NYC’s Nolita, Chef Jason Dady of San Antonio gave the City Grit audience an incredibly decadent meal. I perched in the kitchen to get every plate.

In the Kitchen with Ryan Tate

I grab my jacket. It smells like a campfire. Yet I’ve been in NYC for weeks on end now. I inhale deeply and am back in chef Ryan Tate’s kitchen, where applewood and the changing seasons fuel an ever-changing menu.

In the Kitchen with Alex Stupak

It’s not often that in the kitchen I watch instead of listen. That I move silently instead of speak. But in Chef Alex Stupak’s Empellon Cocina I clicked, and swished, and left, not even formally introducing myself to Chef Kahn before flying home to process photos. This is what I caught.