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In early summer of 2015, I pitched a show idea to Heritage Radio Network with the question:

What does finding love look like for those in the food and drink world? 

Joined by my dear friend and co-host, Ben Rosenblatt, our 40+ shows since then have combined our first-hand dating experiences and interviews with industry personalities, love experts, authors, and psychologists. We strive to be brutally honest with ourselves and completely vulnerable with our listeners, challenging our guests to share what it’s like to live and love in a very complicated world.

Check out for upcoming guests, who we’ve played with in the past, and blog posts facing everything from women having sex without shame, why Ben’s a proponent of psychotherapy, or what author Lisa Phillips has to say about unrequited love.

Find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, check us out every Monday at 4pm EST on Heritage Radio Network, and find all of our episodes streaming for free on iTunes.



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