Here are a few of my favorite pieces for clients:

MY FRIEND, THE PARROT: An essay about how living with a chronic illness often equates to an oppressive kind of loneliness, and how it encouraged a friendship with a parrot who lives around the corner. Read on The Lonely Hour.

THE PORTUGUESE PARADISE OF NEWARK’S IRONBOUND: I’m proudly Portuguese, and took my father and uncles to Newark to explore the quintessential 3-hour lunch they share every Friday. Read on Saveur Magazine.

PLEASE DON’T CALL ME PRETTY – I’M JUST SICK AND SKINNY: In 2007, I dropped to 105 or so pounds because of a serious period of illness. While some people were scared upon seeing me so thin, others heralded how “good” I looked. So I surveyed women and interviewed a few experts about this paradox. Read on Bust Magazine. And find all my pieces on chronic illness HERE.

HELPING AFGHAN FARMERS, ONE THREAD AT A TIME: Rumi Spice was founded by veterans of the war in Afghanistan who wanted to turn their business acumen into a way to promote real change for the farmers and families they’d left behind. So they founded Rumi Spice as a saffron import company, working with some of the U.S.’ best restaurants, to make this happen. Read on Plate Magazine.

HOW 3 OF NEW YORK’S TOP PASTRY CHEFS HELPED ME MAKE A WEDDING CAKE: My oldest girlfriend was getting married on a remote Carribean island. When the bakery from where she’d ordered her cake closed, she asked me to step in. In four parts, here’s the story about the three chefs who guided me through every stage of the process, of the trial runs, and how I schlepped equipment to the island to make the cake in a series of hotel rooms. Read on Serious Eats.

ED SCHOENFELD’S CHINESE FOOD HISTORY OF NEW YORK: I sat with Ed for 7 hours, recording his memories of how New York has changed, and Chinese cuisine with it. Then spent countless hours with my editor reframing his history in only 2,000 words. I was fascinated. Read on Serious Eats.

MY CHRONIC ILLNESS HAS COST ME MORE THAN JUST MY HEALTH: In fact, it affects every relationship I have. Read on Cosmopolitan.

DINING IN THE DARK: A BEACON of LOWER MANHATTAN AT TERTULIA DURING THE SANDY BLACKOUT: New York was a hundred little cities after Sandy, with some areas completely decimated, and others alarmingly untouched. I walked into the blackout zone of lower Manhattan to Tertulia, where Seamus Mullen was open and serving, with limitations. Read on Serious Eats.

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